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Ranking Shake Up

What's up TennisLadders.NET! Our tourney is under way ... Summary of today's matches:

6-1, 6-4 Duda over Rangel
6-4, 6-2 Delong over Stasevicus
6-2, 6-1 Risquez over Mcclymonds
Our almost Quarterfinal Match Ups are under way. The rankings are shaking up. Who's gonna break up the 2000 point barrier?
Brendan Duda vs ...

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Playing on the Tour

Attention all TennisLadders.NET Tour Players!

Don't forget that every win (and loss) on the TLDN Tour, not just tourney's, earn you points and rankings. As the season and tournaments progress, the rankings will shake up a bit unless the top seeds can secure their positions.

You earn points by just playing and ...

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The Seattle Tennis Ladder

Seattle, meet TennisLadders.NET. TennisLadders.NET, say hello to the city of Seattle. This northwestern state has a lot to offer already, and now it has the best tennis ladder website as well. The Seattle Tennis Ladder is now officially up and running. There are thousands of passionate tennis players here playing both indoors and ...

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Why you want a 50% win rate

Some tennis players just want to win all the time. Some players don't mind losing, they just want to be out there on the court. It makes sense, people are different. Competitive, laid back, easy going and up-tight. But when it comes to tennis, you really do want to win some and lose some ...

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The Washington DC Tennis Ladder

The DC area now has it's very own tennis ladder! The Washington DC Tennis Ladder just launched today, and we already have terrific interest.

While the weather doesn't always permit tennis in the winter, the other seasons are sure to be packed with ladder matches, season play-offs and ladder tournaments. Joining is free ...

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