Ranking Shake Up

What's up TennisLadders.NET! Our tourney is under way ... Summary of today's matches:

6-1, 6-4 Duda over Rangel
6-4, 6-2 Delong over Stasevicus
6-2, 6-1 Risquez over Mcclymonds
Our almost Quarterfinal Match Ups are under way. The rankings are shaking up. Who's gonna break up the 2000 point barrier?
Brendan Duda vs Luis Sinibaldi
Brendan Duda is for real. He took down TLDN #2 Dexter Rangel to earn enough point to jump to #1 on the ladder with 1940 points. Brendan will now face Luis Sinibaldi in the top half quarterfinal. Each vying for a Final Four spot. Brendan wins.
Justin Delong vs Gary Schoeman
Justin defeated Jonas today to become TLDN new #4 player. Jonas will slip to #5. Justin will now face the Gary. Gary has 3 setted his way through this tourney showing he can last on the court just like Justin can. But I saw Justin play today and he is hitting on all cylinders. Justin wins.
Teo Risquez vs James Catipay
What do I write about this quarterfinal? This is Juan Martin Del Potro vs Stanislaw Federer:). And we all know Delpo beats both these guys. Now I have played Teo I think 5 times and I have lost 5 times. Let's just say that I am happy to see The big man back in action and I am looking forward to defend my title. GLAD I GOT THE 1st Title. Winning another will be tough. Unfortunately the match up and record is against me. But I will go down swinging. Teo Wins.
Ravi and Spencer will play this Tuesday @ 8pm at Marine Park for a quart final spot. Marc Sonson and John Park are playing for the bottom half quarterfinal spot.
Again ... The goal is to have a great tourney and the by product with TennisLadders.NET point system will make the rankings evolve into a serious league of our areas best players. By the end of this tourney you will have to beat the best to stay in the top 8.
And trust me ...You always want to make sure you stay in the Top 8. You'll see why!!!!!!
Attention Quarterfinalist ... Those players fortunate to make it to the Final 4 will get an email from the tournament directors. Our goal is to have the Final 4 play at the same time on a nice Sunny Santa Monica Saturday or Sunday right @ 12 noon. I know we can get a crowd for a Final 4 showdown. This will set up perfectly for The Championship Match.
Again ... It's good to see peeps playing because that's what it's all about. And stay in the top 8:)

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