Santa Monica Winter 2012 Invitational Results

Drum roll please...

Thank you to all of those players and fans of TennisLadders.NET who came out on Sunday 1/6/2013 to root on Spencer Wall and Teo Risquez.

Also a big thanks to all the players for being flexible while scheduling their matches, it really helped this tournament to be more successful than we had even hoped.

While they battled it out for the top spot on the Santa Monica Advanced Tennis Ladder, some hard US currency, shiny trophies and some very serious bragging rights.

Spencer, Teo with trophies

In the end, it was Spencer who prevailed with a 6-4,6-2 victory over our big man Teo. It was cold and windy, but the rain gods spared us the afternoon and allowed the match to take place.

Spencers Big Backhand

Apologies for the delayed update, but James and I had to organize the entire bonus farewell trip AROUND THE WORLD for Spencer! We sent him away immediately after the tourney (first class of course) to reflect on all his matches leading up to his final victory.

Spencer reflecting on tournament from Thailand

Now my fellow baseliners, it's time to start thinking about the next tournament. If you didn't make it to the finals in the last one, this is your chance to get revenge. This is your chance to climb the ladder. Every tournament match is a ladder match! So you better be doing 20 push-ups before you brush your teeth every morning, I know I am. There will be a consolation round in the next tournament, so you should get some standard ladder matches in to prepare for the double-elimination challenge. Newcomer C. Patterson has publicly declared he is gunning for the top 10, so challenge him.

Teo Relaxing after the match

Remember, the top spot is never out of reach!

And a big thanks to our Press Secretary James Catipay, for all the hard work and passionate updates!

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