Why your club should have a tennis ladder

Why should your Club have a Tennis Ladder?

If you are a busy, working individual, it can be difficult to balance work demands with social needs. On top of this club tennis matches may only be played on certain dates meaning that you get isolated from friend groups and are left feeling unhappy with your lack of involvement. However, there is a solution to this problem. A tennis ladder. I will explain what it is and why you should have one in this article.

What is a tennis ladder?

A tennis ladder is a league that can act within a club, inter-club, a city or within an entire state. It works on a simple principle that after you challenge someone above you in the ladder, if you win you go above them and if you lose you stay where you are. People below you can also challenge you and if they win they go above you and if they lose they stay below. This is the basic concept. There are a few more additions to it to allow for the most interesting league possible. It allows all abilities to compete in one league and play people of both better and worse ability to improve their game. Often separate male and female ladders are formed, but this is not necessarily the case. You can also create a short term tournament ladder that would allow a tennis ladder to take place in a day with a tournament like format.

What are the benefits of a tennis ladder?

A tennis ladder has a multitude of benefits and will boost tennis participation both at the club and local area. The first benefit is simply encouraging play via competition. Many people don’t like seeing their friends go above them in a ladder and will therefore practice and play more matches until they are victorious. This will not only improve their standard of tennis but also your overall club standard. Secondly, it gives people practice playing people both better and worse than themselves. Often one or two players can be much better than their position in a team and therefore blitz every opponent. This is not true of a tennis ladder as they can only move up by challenging those above them, while also having to fend off competition from those below them. That increases the standard of play of all the competitors in the ladder as they can all play people better or of a similar standard to themselves. The final key benefit is that you can play players from a variety of clubs, not just your own. This promotes inter-club competition and allows the better players in your club to join better leagues where their talent will be stretched even further. This very important benefit can drastically reduce the amount of driving time and distance players must travel for their matches. In busy cities with heavy traffic this solves a major problem involved with the scheduling of tennis matches. The plethora of benefits provided by a ladder, is unmatched by any other tennis league system.

Where can you obtain this multitude of benefits?

The best place to join a tennis ladder is TennisLadders.NET. They have plenty of ladders already running in various locations through-out the United States and abroad and just because your city isn't currently on there, doesn't mean it won’t be soon. Anyone can start a tennis ladder if you have just a few people in your area or club who are interested.  Simply email info@tennisladders.net to get started.

How does TennisLadders.NET work?

You join a ladder in your local area; there may be many ladders in the area, so you are able to join more than one. You can then challenge anyone above you in the ladder. When you beat someone who is higher than you in the ladder you automatically go level in points with them, but then because you beat them, you gain 20 more points. Even if you lose, you gain 1 point for every game you win, so you should play those above and below you. This means that a good player can quickly advance to the top of the ladder, but must remain active if he or she doesn't want to get surpassed by others in the ladder. You generally play a best of 3 set match and you must therefore allow enough time for the match to be completed. However, if time is short you may also play a 10 point tie break in lieu of a 3rd set, or you can play an 8 game pro set. The score submission page will accept all of these formats.

Best of all, the ladders on TennisLadders.NET are fully automated! Gone are the the days of paper and pen, and manually managing the tennis ladder on a billboard. With TennisLadders.NET players challenge each other through e-mail, but phone and text is common also, and then post their scores right here on the site. The rankings are automatically adjusted giving real time access to the latest rankings. This removes a major challenge for the club director and promotes the maximum amount of matches to be played.

Has TennisLadders.NET worked in the past?

Yes. The site is currently operating and successful in a wide variety of locations. One such location is Thunder Bay, Canada where more than 30 club members currently reside in the ladder. It is a busy and vibrant ladder with plenty of games being played every week and this is representative of most other ladders. To join the site, go to the homepage and click the join now button. From there you can search for a local ladder and join it. The best thing about it is that membership is free and available to all who have an interest in tennis.

Are the tennis ladders just in the U.S.?

No! TennisLadders.NET has ladders all over the world! However, the two most popular areas are the United States and the United Kingdom. Meadows City tennis club in Edinburgh also has plenty of players in their ladder. So sign up quickly to get a head start on your opponents, create an account for free!  Or if you would like to get a ladder started at your club, please drop us an email at info@tennisladders.net.

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