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The Serve Master - Master Your Power, Spin and Consistency

The Serve Master is a great tool for tennis players to practice, warm up and improve their first and second serves. It is made out of an elastic rubber-like material and weighs less than 1 pound so it is a light and valuable addition to any tennis player’s existing bag of tennis gear. The ...

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New smart sensor for your racket ready to hit the market

There is a new sensor about to hit the market from Sony, that promises to make you a better tennis players.  I love technology!  It can measure things like racket speed, ball speed and where you are connecting with the ball on your racket.  Unfortunately, it's only for Yonex tennis rackets - at the moment ...

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Australian Open 2014 is Hot!

While most of our country is freezing these days, the tennis fans down under sure aren’t hurting for any fun in the sun.  Perhaps a little too much sun.  It’s well over 100 degrees at the Australian Open and it takes a toll even on the pros.  The key to playing in the ...

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