The Serve Master - Master Your Power, Spin and Consistency

The Serve Master is a great tool for tennis players to practice, warm up and improve their first and second serves. It is made out of an elastic rubber-like material and weighs less than 1 pound so it is a light and valuable addition to any tennis player’s existing bag of tennis gear. The Serve Master has a grip much like a standard tennis racket and is attached to three weighted spheres at the end of a semi-elastic cord. Its length is just about the same as your average tennis racket as well so it gives a very similar feel of swinging a real racket. The Serve Master is also endorsed by the world renowned Janko Tipsarevic, so we had to give it go.

You might compare the Serve Master to another popular training device which is a long sock with a few tennis balls at the end. However, the Serve Master is much more durable and intentionally weighted to maximize its similarity to a real tennis racket as well as the effectiveness of helping players improve their serve. It is totally symmetrical around the long axis so it works perfectly for both right and left handed players, and there are some handy markings on the grip to help beginners hold it correctly.

To use the Serve Master you should swing it very much like you would a normal tennis racket. To start, point your elbow back towards the fence. Swing forward making sure the centrifugal force is keeping the serve master straight and extended. You will want to pretend you are actually tossing a tennis ball in the air before the serve, and maintain tension on the cord throughout your swing. If you hear a “swoosh” as you swing, that’s a good sign and means you are probably swinging fast enough. You will want to follow through your service motion down on the ball-tossing side of your body and catch the Serve Master with your tossing hand to prevent it from hitting your body after the serve.

Using the Serve Master is a terrific way to warm up your shoulder before a match and a great way to practice your serve when you do not have a tennis court, balls or a racket to use. You will need a good amount of space in order to swing it fully so I would not advise practicing indoors unless it is a big space. Practicing your serve with this tool forces you to pronate your wrist at the top of your swing and provides your muscles with the memory they need to serve correctly. For many players, double faults are their worst enemy and the Serve Master can really help improve your service consistency.

I recently used the Serve Master between two matches in a recent tournament and I served much better in the 2nd match. After practicing with it for only about 5-10 minutes, I was putting more spin on my second serves and I was putting significantly more MPHs on my first serve.  I was serving more consistently and better all the way around.  Simply said, it helped me build up some confidence which translated into results.

I would highly recommend picking up a Serve Master to keep in the trunk of your car or to throw in your bag. If you have not been able to take the next step forward with your game, this is definitely a tool I would consider as it will help you improve your form, consistency and power to your serve. And generally, a player’s serve sets the tone for the rest of the game that follows.

The Serve Master is available from TennisFlex and retails for $59.95.

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