Once you sign up and join your first ladder, you can start challenging other players and being challenged. You are encouraged to play on multiple ladders at the same time. Players setup their matches at mutally agreeable times and locations. After each match, the winner is responsible for submitting the score on the website. Rankings are automatically updated, and points are awared for both players based on number of games won. You will climb in the ranks even if you don't win your match! For bigger ladders, tournaments will be run.
To get started, you should start sending challenge invites out to other players on your ladder. You can do this quickly by looking at the ranking page for your main tennis ladder, and clicking the 'Quick Challenge' button next to any other players name. This will send that player an inviation and you will get a confirmation. You are encouraged to send challenges to as many players as possible in order to maximize your chances of getting a reply.
Yes. Once you are logged in, you can access other players contact information on their profile. You can send them emails directly, call them or text them to setup a match. Remember, invite other players frequently and don't be shy!
Our goal is to create a tennis ladder in every city that can support one. If you don't see any tennis ladders near you, and believe your local geographic area has enough tennis players to support one, please create one yourself! Don't forget to include your city, state and be sure to invite a few players to help get it started.

Most tennis players have heard of a tennis ladder, but a lot of players still do not know exactly what a tennis ladder is, or how it works:

The concept of a tennis ladder is simple. Players are arranged much like the rungs of a ladder. The idea is to be at the top of the tennis ladder. It is a lot like king of the mountain. As you win, you move up the ladder. Winning players take the place of their higher ranked opponents, thus "leap-frogging" them.

Ladder matches can either be pre-arranged, or can be done using challenges. If the players choose to use challenges to arrange tennis matches, then players simply challenge each other to a match via this website. Players then play when and where they would like. At TennisLadders.NET, players submit their own scores online. The website then updates the ladder positions automatically. TennisLadders.NET will even send an automatic email to both players, letting them know they have a pending challenge that needs to be accepted or declined.

Ladders are a blast. They are a great way to meet new players and improve your game. If you haven't played in a tennis ladder, then you have been missing out!

No! Membership is free and you can join as many ladders as you like. You can play on both a singles and a doubles ladder at the same time, and at different skill levels or in multiple cities.
Members of bigger ladders will have the opportunity to play in seasonal tournaments.
First create your account and verify your email address by clicking the link sent to your email. Then find the ladders nearest you and join it. Go to the sign up page to start climbing the ladder.
No. Playing on tennis ladders is totally free. You can disable your account anytime.

You can cancel your account by following these steps:

1: Login to your account
2: Click your name in the upper right and choose "My Profile"
3: Click "Account"
4: Choose "Account Status"
5: Click the "Cancel Account" link

Yes! TennisLadders.NET exists to make it easy to find matches that are convienient for you in terms of location and avaialble competition. For this reason we've made it easy to join multiple tennis ladders and participate on them all at the same time. Some players want to play a singles and a doubles ladder. Other players like to play in a few different geographic areas becuase they travel frequencly, or live in a big city that is broken up into multiple sectors. Either way, playing on multiple ladders will provide you to get the most flexibility and the best compeition for your needs.
All the ladders on TennisLadders.NET use the 20-point leapfrog scoring system, but the points are unique across ladders. So you may be ranked #1 on your singles ladder with 250 points, while you are at #5 on your doubles ladder with 60 points. It all depends on who you play and submit match results against.
Most certainly. Simply remove yourself from the ladder in the city you are moving from, using the Manage Ladders screen from your profile account settings, and join the ladder in the city you are moving to. If you have any trouble switching ladders just contact us and we'll help you out.
Best 2 out of 3 sets.
2 sets with 10 point tie breaker
8 game pro set (ssually for 1 hour time slots)
Best 2 out of 3 sets.
2 sets with 10 point tie breaker
8 game pro set (usually for 1 hour time slots)