Beach Tennis Miami Doubles Tennis Ladder

2019 season in progress.
January 1 2019 - December 31 2019

Join our Beach Tennis Miami Doubles Ladder to practice your Beach Tennis skills and have fun playing matches with other players in the Miami area! Join this doubles ladder individually, teams are formed after match scores are submitted. You can be on multiple teams at one time with different partners. Time and location can be determined by the players. Please use the 2 out of 3 sets tennis scoring. The first team that wins 6 games (with a 2 point difference) wins a set. If the score comes to 6-6, you play a tie-breaker till 7. Play 2 sets and play a third set if the score if you split sets. If there is not enough time (or energy) to play a full third set, play a tie-breaker till 7 to determine the winner. Please remember to enter your score here! And post a picture on our Facebook page. Every month there will be prizes for the winners! Contact Roos for any questions: 786-473-4931.

Beach Tennis Miami Doubles Tennis Ladder Rankings

Player Contact Info
Cristian Franzin Ladder Players Only.
Nicholas Decespedes Ladder Players Only.