Acton OTH Tennis Ladder

2019 season in progress.
January 1 2019 - December 31 2019

The ladder is open to the following players. This is a tennis singles ladder for 3.5 to 4.5 players and is free to join. You can challenge through the quick challenge icon on the site or by sending a group e-mail and taking the first responder. Match Formats (1) Best of 3 Sets. Best of 3 sets is first to win 2 sets. A tie-breaker is played if each team has won 6 games. (2) 2 out of 3 with 10 point tie break in lieu of 3rd set - in this case loser does not get points for 3rd super-tie break set. (3) 8 game pro set. 2 & 3 are to be used when there is little time. The Leap Frog system will be used to compute a player's position on the ladder. If the winner is higher ranked he receives 20 points added to his previous point value. If the winner is lower ranked, his previous point value is replaced by the value of his opponent's points - plus 20 points, thus "leap-frogging" his opponent. The loser receives 1 point for each game that he wins.

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