USWRTA South Florida Challenge Tennis Ladder

2019 season in progress.
January 1 2019 - December 31 2019

This ladder will help determine 2018 USWRTA Final Florida Rankings. Matches must be played with Wooden rackets. This ladder is for South Florida and surrounding areas to increase match play and the enjoyment of wood racket tennis. Ladder Rules 1. Ladder is free 2. Players will use wooden rackets and regular balls. 3. Player who is challenged will pick the court location. 4. Players have 1 week to play the match. 5. Challenger supplies the balls. 6. Players will receive 2 Wild Card Challenges to challenge any player on the ladder. 7. Players can challenge up to 3 spots. 8. If a player wins a match, they have two days to place a challenge before they can be challenged. 9. If a player loses a match, they have two days to be challenged before they can challenge another player. 10. 8 game pro sets, no add scoring, tiebreaker played at 8 all.

USWRTA South Florida Challenge Tennis Ladder Rankings

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