Tame Valley Tennis Singles Ladder 2019 Tennis Ladder

2019 season in progress.
January 1 2019 - December 31 2019

I am proposing a tennis ladder to start mid January 2019 and finish mid April 2019. Starting the ladder will be dependent on the number of people who commit to the ladder (minimum 10 people) Matches can be played at any time and are dependent on those in the ladder to arrange. I will be asking the committee to allow us a concession on light fees (currently £7 for 1 hour of lights - hoping for a month at say £3.50 an hour to see if this can encourage the use of the courts? ) Tennis ladder rules 1) Challenges can only be made one or two places above a players current ladder position. 2) If challenge successful player who has won moves above their opponent 3) A player MUST accept a challenge and make him/her self available within 2 weeks of challenge.(if player on holiday or ill etc he or she must make themselves available as soon as back) 4) A flying challenge can be made by a player entering the team ladder but if unsuccessful will be placed in a position considered appropriate by the administrator 5) Challenger is responsible to book courts for match and a double court if needed...if time runs out before match is finished the game must be rearranged from scratch or continued at a later date depending on how many sets/games have been played? 6)Players will be initially rated based on a their known ability and level at singles 7)Matches will be the best of 3 sets with tie breakers at 6-6 in all 3 sets where required

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