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2019 season in progress.
January 1 2019 - December 31 2019

Hudson County New Jersey Tennis, Inc. was founded in June 2010 by our dear friend Larry Hackney of Tennezsport and David Jacome. The Not-for-Profit was incorporated in November 2016 with the State of New Jersey. Larry and David's vision was to get the Hudson County community involved in tennis. Larry also wanted to share his love for tennis by opening a Pro-shop which served the Union City tennis players for many years until his passing. Larry is remembered as a fighter and promoter of the sport, he loved tennis will all his heart. The group has three categories for membership approved and amended on February 5th, 2017 by the Board of Directors. The memberships have not changed since the approval for Not-for-profit. It's noted the organization was created for community players. New: All members are issued Identification cards (ID) at the start of the season anywhere from April to May. Due to the high volume of requests for ID cards, please send David your picture for printing on time. Every member is given an ID. After June, no ID's are printed for the season. Categories for Membership: 1) Community Players - Open to all residents of Hudson County at no cost. Players will be given a Community Player status. Proof of address by State or Government ID is required at Braddock and Lincoln Parks. Additionally, players will need to file out an application with the parks department, Hudson County Improvement Authority for requesting court time. The County Department has rules and ethics for all players to maintain a fair and professional environment. Proposals have been submitted for checking residency at Washington Park but no system is currently in place. On the weekends, the county has hired personnel to monitor court space and make sure everybody has playing time. 2) Tournament Players - Any player registering to the network and playing for at least one network Tournament throughout the year. The Network plans to schedule several annual tournaments, as well as periodic weekend tournaments as allowed by city, county, and local jurisdictions. For 2019, each tournament shall have a set fee of $10 to cover expenses; trophies, food, and promotional materials (It's recommended that you pay the network yearly fees which includes all tournaments and events) 3) League/Network Players - A paying player registering for official rankings, match tracking, ladder matches, and year end tournaments. The fees for 2018 Season is fixed at $40.00 Payable via PayPal to and will not change until next season. The increment to the network fee is usually $5.00 to cover expenses for managing the network. Since players ask what the fee covers in previous years (here is a breakdown): 1. Website expenses/database membership profiles 2. Promotion/Advertising costs to expand network 3. City events, and tournament organization 4. Trophies and meal expenses 5. ID Cards 6. Improving the park space 7. Donation to charity organizations We put every dollar back to making our network bigger and more improved each year. Our plans for 2018 will be focused on neutrality in all aspects. Those managing tournaments will no longer be allowed to participate, and rules will be strictly enforced for all network players. We will also be working with the parks department to improve court space, and make improvements to Washington Park. Another big project is expanding the tournament lineups and partnership with the meetup groups. We have our own meetup group which you can join: This network is open to a maximum of 250 members. Currently, this network has 220 members. Our Network has primarily focused on tournaments. We are planning to do charity work in the coming years with USTA, and other tennis organizations. If you live in Jersey City, and visit Lincoln Park, we also strongly recommend joining the Lincoln Park Tennis Family Network which has 75 members. They have the best ladders and competitive match play in the area. The organizer is a nice guy and welcomes all players. If you wish to get some training at discounted prices, please visit our sponsored site: (We are still making improvements to the mobile app, and other features that will likely arrive for Summer 2018) Additionally, David is planning to open the new Pro-shop, The Tennis Corner AKA Feddal Racquet and Sports, LLC. He is looking for a permanent location in Bergenline Avenue near Washington Park. The shop will only be open during the summer periods of June - September. The shop will be one of a kind, and network members will receive huge discounts on all merchandise. We will guarantee the lowest prices on the market! We will also hire excellent stringers to help you during the summer. Players wishing to stay informed about upcoming events, or post scores are allowed. We have a Facebook page. Currently, we have 50 members, please join and stay connected. Please find us at: Also follow us on Instagram ( The network includes Live Ladders, or tournaments. Most tournaments run from March to the end of October. All Players are informed via email to update scores, and communicate with new players looking for competition in the area. Members who are already part of the USTA are welcome to join a separate network for players. We work hand in hand to promote USTA's Team Leagues, Flex Leagues, and Sponsored tournaments at local clubs like Binghampton Racquet, Clifton Racquet, Fort Lee Racquet, and Saint Peter's University. David is coordinating with the USPTA Eastern Division President, and USTA Eastern Division Coordinators to bring amazing services to all our members. Anything is possible, so please share your ideas. New for 2018: It was proposed to start a Winter Ladder. We have approved the ladder which runs from January 15 - March 15. After this, we will start the season with the Hackney Cup. Executive Director/Honorary Member: Mr. David Jacome Mayor of Union City, NJ: The Honorable Senator and Mayor Brian P. Stack Hudson County Executive: The Honorable Thomas A. DeGise The Board of Directors: 1. Mr. David Jacome, Chair of Board 2. Carlos Iza, Supervisor for UC Parking Authority 3. TBA, if you want to serve on the board, please send me email at David has started the USTA Net Generation Program at Washington Park, Union City, NJ. For those with children wishing to join, please email him for more details. (Members interested in running for Office, please email David Jacome)

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