Join your local tennis ladder or create your own for free. A tennis ladder is like an online league where players compete for the number one spot on the ladder. You can play on multiple ladders at the same time. For example, play singles and doubles, or in multiple skill levels or locations. Get setup with monthly match ups, challenge others and win points with every match you play. There are ladders in most cities across the United States and a growing number in other countries. Tournaments are run for bigger and more active ladders.


Stephen Lai def Norman Tsang

Score: 9-8 at Cuesta Park
01-18-2018 - MVTC Mens Singles

Ping Yu def Michael Perry

Score: 8-6 at garfield
01-17-2018 - Google MTV 4.0

Akshat Aggarwal def Hanfeng Wang

Score: 8-6 at Shorebird
01-18-2018 - Google MTV 3.0

Jeff Ferguson def Michael Connette

Score: 6-0, 6-2 at Marine Park
01-16-2018 - Santa Monica Advanced

Fuad Al-Amin def Aditya Bhandari

Score: 6-2, 6-2 at Garfield
01-13-2018 - Google MTV 3.5

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You'll have about one week to complete each round of the tournament, so you can schedule a time and location that works for you and your opponent. Tournament matches also counts as ladder matches!

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