How Doubles Tennis Ladders Work

How Doubles Tennis Ladders Work

How Doubles Tennis Ladders Work

Here’s how doubles tennis ladders work at TennisLadders.NET.

Any player may join a doubles tennis ladder as an individual player. When you first join, you exist on the ladder as a player without a partner or “without a team”. After you play your match, any one of the four players involved can submit the score. Doubles teams are formed after the score is submitted, and points are awarded to teams just like in singles. You can exist on the doubles ladder with multiple different partners.

Here’s a quick example workflow of how teams are formed. Let’s say 5 players join a ladder initially, here’s how the ladder would look:

Initial Ladder Rankings:
[do not exist yet]

Initial Players To Sign Up (Currently without partners):
Player A
Player B
Player C
Player D
Player E

Now a score is submitted:

Player C / Player E def. Player A / Player B 6-4, 6-3

The new rankings would be:

Ladder Rankings:
Player C / Player E 20 points (team is formed and gets 20 points for win)
Player A / Player B 7 points (team is formed and gets 7 points for games won)

Players without a team:
Player D

The next day, Player D finally gets in a match and teams up with Player A to win and submits the score:

Player A / Player D def. Player C / Player E 6-2, 3-6, 6-1

The ladder rankings will be automatically updated to:

Ladder Rankings
Player A / Player D 40 points (= team C/E previous points + 20, so 20+20=40)
Player C / Player E 29 points (= their previous points + new games won, so 20+(2+6+1)=29)
Player A / Player B 7 points

Players without a team:

This is a simple example with a small ladder. But you can see that with 5 players on the ladder, any given player could be on up to 4 teams at a time. We believe that this should allow for maximum flexibility for you to choose doubles partners and to have a social, fun and competitive doubles experience!

Got questions? Just email

If you are a passionate doubles player and have a group that would like to get a doubles ladders started, please request a new doubles ladder and we’ll get one going for you.

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