5 Tennis Warm-Ups the Pros Swear By

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5 Tennis Warm-Ups the Pros Swear By

In the realm of tennis commencing a match without a proper warm up is, like stepping onto a battlefield unprepared. Warm ups not prepare the body for the demands ahead but also sharpen the mind for tactical gameplay. From the clay courts of Roland Garros to the grass courts of Wimbledon every professional player has their routines that assist them in reaching their peak performance levels. Here are five tennis up drills endorsed by professionals each tailored to enhance performance and minimize the risk of injuries.


Active stretching involves movements that boost blood circulation to the muscles and enhance flexibility. In contrast to stretching, which entails holding a stretch position for a period active stretching focuses on movement. This type of stretching is particularly beneficial, for tennis players as it simulates the motions executed during a match.

Arm CirclesRotate your arms in large circles to warm up the shoulders.2 minutes
Leg SwingsSwing each leg back and forth to loosen the hips and legs.2 minutes
Lateral LungesStep to the side into a lunge to stretch the inner thigh and groin.2 minutes

Cardio Warm Up

Engaging in a cardio routine raises the heart rate and body temperature which helps to enhance muscle flexibility and responsiveness. Additionally it boosts acuity getting players ready, for the level of focus needed in tennis.

Jump RopeA quick jump rope session improves foot speed and endurance.5 minutes
High KneesRunning in place with high knees boosts heart rate and warms up legs.3 minutes

Engaging Your Core

Having a strong and active core is crucial, for movements and preventing injuries. Exercises that activate the core can enhance stability in the midsection while also boosting balance and coordination skills.

PlanksHolding a plank position strengthens the entire core.1 minute
Russian TwistsThis rotational movement activates the obliques, crucial for tennis swings.2 minutes

Shoulder and Wrist Mobilization

Engaging in tennis requires an amount of effort, from the body, especially the shoulders and wrists. Performing mobilization routines can be beneficial in averting issues such, as tennis elbow and shoulder tension.

Wrist FlexorsStretch and rotate the wrists to improve flexibility.2 minutes
Shoulder StretchUse a racket or towel to stretch the shoulders and upper back.2 minutes

Practice Swings

Practicing swings whether its hitting forehand or backhand shots is a way to get a player warmed up and ready, for a match. It helps in refining techniques and honing timing before the game starts.

Forehand SwingsPractice forehand strokes to find rhythm and check grip.3 minutes
Backhand SwingsAlternate with backhand strokes, focusing on form and footwork.3 minutes

Incorporating these warm-ups into your pre-match routine can significantly enhance your performance on the court. Just as the pros do, tailor your warm-up to address your specific needs and focus on areas that require the most attention. Remember, a proper warm-up can make the difference between a good player and a great one.

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