Who We Are

TennisLadders.NET is a website built by tennis players, for tennis players. We have active tennis ladders in over 250 cities across the globe. Many of the players who have met through this website are now great friends or business associates. This is a place to record your wins, losses and find competitive matches to play while expanding your tennis network. It’s hard to meet new players, and this site connects us together while encouraging match play. Joining your local tennis ladder is a great way to compete, have fun and get exercise. Join your local tennis ladder and start growing your tennis network today. Thousands of players are ready to receive your challenge match invitation. We exist to provide a healthy and reliable medium for tennis enthuiasts to connect over the court.

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We support the USTA

TennisLadders.NET supports the United States Tennis Association. The USTA has served as inspiration for these tennis ladders. The USTA is dedicated to improving the quality of life among our nation’s youth, people with disabilities and growing the game in general.