New Year, New Rankings

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New Year, New Rankings

As we welcome the year it’s a time to look back at our accomplishments and set our sights on aspirations. At we value honoring the efforts, commitment and camaraderie within our tennis community. With that, in mind we are thrilled to introduce the “Fresh Start for All” initiative. An opportunity for all players to push themselves move up the ladder and reach milestones in their tennis journey.

The Path Ahead

The “Fresh Start for All” initiative goes beyond a reset; it is a chance for development, education and friendly competition. Whether you are a player looking to defend your position or a passionate newcomer eager to showcase your talent the updated ranking system promises to make competition more exciting and fulfilling for all.

How It Operates

We have enhanced our algorithm to accurately reflect your performances. This means that every game you participate in matters motivating you to perform at your best on the court. The revised rankings will be implemented starting January 1st ensuring fairness among all our members.

Embrace the Competition

The allure of tennis lies, in its unpredictability and the myriad opportunities each match brings.
As we kick off the year with “New Year, New Ranking ” we urge you to take on challenges aim high and savor every step of your progress as you move up the ranks.

Stay Connected

Keep, in mind that tennis isn’t about triumphs; it’s about the camaraderie the bonds forged and the lasting memories made throughout the journey. Join in on events interact with your peers on the court and exchange stories. Lets create moments, within our tennis circle this year.

New Year, New Ranking Table

To kick things off, here’s a sneak peek at the top contenders as we head into the new year:

RankPlayer NameCityStatePoints
1Alex MorganSpringfieldState A2500
2Jamie LeeShelbyvilleState B2400
3Casey SmithOgdenvilleState C2300
4Jordan PatNorth HaverbrookState D2200
5Taylor ReedCapital CityState E2100
6Chris GreenCypress CreekState F2000
7Morgan BaileyWest SpringfieldState G1900
8Sam RiveraEast SpringfieldState H1800
9Lee JordanNew SpringfieldState I1700
10Pat CaseyOlde SpringfieldState J1600

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